Keep These 5 Safety Supplies On Hand For Moving Day

When you move from one home to another, the goal is usually to get everything done quickly and thoroughly. But safety should also be a priority. What tools and supplies should you have on hand to help keep everyone — helpers and movers alike — safe? Here are a few to consider. 

1. Gloves

Moving is hard work on everyone's hands. Protect them by providing gloves for anyone who needs them. Get a variety of sizes. Encourage everyone to use them if they don't have their own. If you see people working with heavy items or in dirty, dangerous areas, offer them hand protection. 

2. Rags and Brooms

Depending on the weather, one of your biggest safety risks may be moisture and debris from outside. Have on hand some dry and wet rags, brooms, and possibly a rake. These keep floors clean and dry so no one trips or slips.

Some homeowners even put down mats to protect people and floors if the weather is particularly bad. 

3. Moving Equipment

Make sure you have the right moving tools and equipment. If using professional movers, they will likely have their own equipment. You may also be able to add specialized equipment to your contract if advisable.

If you plan to move anything on your own, consider renting things like dollies, hand trucks, winches, moving blankets, or other specialized tools. Otherwise, you're more likely to see injuries on the big day. 

4. Water and Snacks

Because moving boxes and furniture is a hard job, everyone needs proper sustenance. Keep yourself and them hydrated with plenty of fresh, cold water at the ready. In addition, set out some healthy, nutritious snacks with plenty of protein. Remind helpers to eat and drink, and perhaps even bring them something if they're too preoccupied. 

5. First Aid Supplies

Don't pack up your first aid supplies too early. Instead, make sure they're handy if anyone has a small accident. Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, over-the-counter medicine, gauze, and medical tape will all help prevent small injuries from turning into big ones.

The first aid kit should then travel to your new home with you so as to be available during a road trip.

Where to Learn More

Want more tips for preparing for a safe, happy, and stress-free move? Start by meeting with a residential moving company in your area today. With their experience to guide you, you can keep everyone safe while effecting the best move possible. 

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