Two Ways In Which Movers Can Help Those With Dyslexia Move House

Moving is hard for those who have dyslexia. However, there are a few things that movers can do to circumvent at least some of the problems that a person with this reading disability is likely to experience when moving. Read on to find out more.

They can give the customer more time to look over the inventory

Many movers provide their customers with inventories that detail all of the goods that they help these people to transport with their trucks. When the movers deliver and unpack these items, the customer will usually have to check items off the inventory list to confirm that their belongings have arrived and are not broken. These lists are very long; however, for a person who does not have any reading disability, they can still scan their list and check things off quite quickly and then give the movers their copy of this document so that these professionals can go home or to their next job location.

For someone with dyslexia, this process could take a lot longer and be far more frustrating. However, if a customer tells their movers that they have this disability, these people may be able to set aside some extra time after they unload the items in order to allow the customer to slowly read through the list at a pace that is comfortable for them and that won't leave them confused and stressed. This should not only make this final process easier for the customer but should also ensure that the customer doesn't overlook any issues with the inventory list.

They can verbally describe their business's services and rules over the phone

Most movers have websites on which they publish clear guidance on the services they offer and any rules their company implements (for example, some movers will not allow hazardous goods into their trucks). If a person cannot use a mover's website because of their dyslexia, then their movers can arrange to have a longer conversation with them over the phone so they can go over the information they have on their website.

As long as the customer gives their movers some notice, the moving company will likely be quite happy to make this adjustment. By having this conversation instead of simply proceeding with the move without gathering information about the moving business they're using, this customer can ensure that they don't miss out on some important detail (such as, for example, the extra fee the movers charge for reassembling dismantled furniture or the business's ban of certain gardening chemicals on its trucks) and then inadvertently complicate their move. If the customer has this discussion, they can avoid getting a bigger bill than they expected or having to leave behind certain hazardous items.

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