Five Tips For Keeping Kids Busy During A Move

Moving can be tough on kids... and not just the idea of relocating, but the actual process of moving as well. When you're trying to pack everything into boxes, field calls from the moving company, and handle other moving-related tasks, it can be tough to keep kids busy while also satisfying their emotional needs related to this big change. Here are five tips to help you do just that.

Give The Kids Assignments

Moving is often easier on kids on an emotional level if they feel involved in the process. So, assign each child their own moving-related tasks to take care of on moving day. Some good tasks to assign elementary school–age kids include:

  • Packing up the clothes in their drawers
  • Sorting through their toys and putting broken ones and ones they no longer want into a pile
  • Writing the names of rooms on labels for your boxes
  • Taping packed boxes shut

If your kids are a bit older, they may be able to handle more involved moving tasks such as:

  • Wrapping up plates in tissue paper
  • Taking screws out of table legs to disassemble the tables
  • Vacuuming, dusting, and other basic cleaning that needs to be done before you move out

Assigning tasks to each child will also keep them busy so you can focus on the things you need to get done in order to move.

Set Up a Room With Snacks and Entertainment

The night before your actual moving day, set up a room with a few toys for your kids along with a table of snacks and bottled drinks they love. Crackers, granola bars, apples, and bananas are all good choices. When you really need to get something done, you can send them to this room and be confident that they'll entertain themselves. Leave an empty box in the room so that when you're all done, you and the kids can pack the toys from the entertainment room into that box and take them along with you.

Take Breaks With Them

Hours upon hours of packing and moving can be stressful for everyone, but especially for kids. To keep them from getting too wound up and emotional, take a break from moving tasks every three or four hours. Take your kids to the park for 15 minutes of play time, play a game of kickball in the yard, or just walk around the neighborhood. Also use this time to let your kids open up to you about any concerns they might have about the moving process. When you begin packing again, everyone will be more centered and ready to focus on the task at hand.

Give Them Something New To Enjoy

Prior to moving day, take a trip to the toy store, and purchase something new and exciting for the kids to play with while you're busy moving. You don't have to spend a lot. Even a package of bubbles or new modeling clay can keep many kids busy for hours. Tell them about the new toy, but do not let them play with it until moving day. This will help them look forward to moving day in a positive way rather than with dread or apprehension. 

Download Some New Shows

Download a few new shows or movies to your tablet or laptop so the kids can watch them on moving day when they start to get a bit energetic. You can even bring the tablet in the car to keep them busy on the ride to your new home. New games are also a good choice, especially if your kids tend to be easily distracted when watching shows or movies.

For additional assistance with your move, contact movers in your area.

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