Do You Need A Professional Mover?

It's no secret that moving is one of the most stressful things you have to do. Luckily, hiring professional movers can greatly decrease this worry. The problem is that during a move, finances are often tight, so you might be wondering if you actually need to hire professional movers. Trying to decide if you need to hire movers to help you out? Ask yourself some of these questions to help you decide.

Do You Have Valuable Items?

If you have items of high value, you could end up damaging them by not packaging or moving them properly. You might have intended to save money by moving by yourself only to end up having to spend more on repairing your antique picture frame, grand piano, or hardwood floors.

Professional movers know how to properly package and protect your valuables. They also have the right equipment to move items that are heavier, so you won't drop something precious or throw out your back. If you're especially concerned about your valuables, you can even get moving insurance on your items.

Do You Need Storage?

Whether because you're downsizing or just need some time before you move into your new place, you might find that you need storage during your move. Your moving company will probably have storage facilities of their own where they can safely hold onto your stuff for a short or long term arrangement. Even if they don't have their own storage facility, they can recommend the best storage in town and help you move in.

Do You Have an Injury?

If you have an injury or chronic condition, you definitely don't want to be handling your move on your own. How many times have you heard about people pulling a muscle or throwing out their back during a move? You might think you saved money by not hiring professionals, until you end up in the doctor's office. Don't forget about old injuries. You may not be feeling your injury anymore, but chances are that area is still weak and could easily be triggered by lifting a heavy load during your move.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Time is money, and if you're not a professional, moving can be a time consuming endeavor. What's more, you probably have tons of other things you need to be doing on moving day like taking the kids to school or coordinating with the real estate agent.

How Far Are You Going?

Long distance moving is one instance where movers are always needed. Covering a large distance with your items in your car is not a great move, because every mile creates more opportunity for theft or property damage to occur. With a long distance moving company, you're insured, and you have a team of movers to correctly load your moving truck and move items into your new home. 

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